What is a Life Coach?

As a Life Coach, I am here to guide & support you to think & live in a more confident self. I help you consciously learn what is best for you & the life you want to live. By setting goals that give you that tingly feeling, we are setting you up to live that life you’ve been dreaming of. The life that you have been hiding away.

I’m here to be your partner, your teammate. I will show up 100% of the time for YOU! I’m your accountability, motivation, education, & fully committed to you.


3 Month Series

During a 3 month series, you will receive:

  • An inspiring Goal Setting session to kick off our series together

  • 5 bi-weekly Private Coaching sessions via Zoom

  • Dive deep journaling work to keep you on track & moving toward with your goals

  • Unlimited guidance & support during your series via email


Your investment: 3 monthly payments of $220


Whether you’re on the edge & want to learn more or you are ready to DIVE DEEP, let’s get a Discovery Session scheduled!

During a Discovery Session, we will chat about what makes you tick, what lights your face up when you talk about it, where you are feeling your not-so-confident self, and what areas may be good goals for you. This is a completely free session to allow us to get to know each other and see how a coaching relationship can work. There’s no obligation, promise! It just takes around 30 minutes of your time.

If you’re thinking 🙌🏼🤩🙌🏼🤩…well, let’s chat!