What's holding you back?

Let’s talk about what’s holding you back. 🤨

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve been out there working, working, and more working trying to figure your stuff out, and for some reason, you’re stuck…still!

We’ve all been there…so I want to give you possible things or maybe a combination that could be causing you to stall. 

1. You’ve lost your FOCUS.

Ask yourself:

  1. who are you?

  2. what do you want?

  3. where are you going?

If you can’t answer these questions or the answers seem a bit fuzzy, well no wonder you’re stuck.

It’s really hard to move forward & set inspiring goals for yourself if you’re not really clear about these things in the beginning.

2. You spend a lot of time COMPARING.

We’re in a world of social media dominance. Every aspect of our lives can (and usually do) revolve around posting or scrolling on multiple social media platforms. You’re always looking at other people’s successes and without realizing it, letting you believe that they have something you don’t.

Comparisonitis is disempowering & a blow to your confidence, esteem, and progress toward your goals.

Keep in mind that you are only seeing the highlight reel, not the whole story. It takes me back to the quote (that I keep in front of me 24/7) “Stop comparing your day 1 with someone else’s day 100”. You don’t know the struggle they went through to get to where they are now. YOU DO YOU, GIRL! 😘

3. You are constantly PEOPLE-PLEASING.

You’re doing this thing to impress someone or because they told you it would be best for you rather than doing what you really want. Your priorities are in the wrong place, you’re doing it for the wrong reasons and as soon as you realize this the better!

If you went to a certain school, studied a certain major, or took a certain job all because that’s what someone else wanted for you then you are living out of alignment. It’s hard to put value in or feel valued when you’re not 100% into what you are doing.

Part of growing into adulthood is doing what’s right for YOU regardless of what someone else will think of you. You’ve got to let go of your people-pleasing and live life according to YOU!

4. PROCRASTINATION is your strength.

It’s not a strength you WANT but it’s certainly one you’re good at. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Procrastination isn’t just laziness because you would rather watch Queer Eye. It’s a fear of success or failure. It’s the fear that you don’t want to put yourself out there because you can’t handle what’s next. It’s a lack of understanding. Understanding what you’re supposed to do right now. You stare blankly at the keyboard, the paper sitting in front of you, sit aimlessly on the couch because you no longer have direction. It’s a sense of overwhelm. I have so much I “should” do but where do I start?!

You need to stop this procrastination in its tracks! Figure out the root of your procrastination.

What is the first step you can do to start moving forward? Break things down to smaller, less overwhelming tasks and you’ll be ready to face those fears head-on.

5. Your MINDSET is all wrong.

Do you think you deserve success? If you’re stuck, then probably not. You’re holding onto some negative 💩, maybe without realizing it. There’s something fostering this lack of self-belief and it’s sabotaging your success.

Do some mindset work. Journal. Affirmations. Meditations. Whatever works for you. You’ll be working on mindset for the rest of your life so figuring out what is best for you now will be key to stay out of this rut…or to at least quickly move out of it in the future.

6. You remain in your BUBBLE.

You can do it yourself so you’ve shut yourself off from the world. You aren’t allowing yourself the support that could be there for you. Without this support, you don’t grow. You no longer challenge yourself. You’ve lost touch with your WHY.

I was recently talking to my husband about not having any ideas and we started joking about not leaving my desk space. But really, after I stepped back I accepted that it’s true. My bubble is a 2 feet radius around my chair and this has even prevented me from using the network of female entrepreneurs and coaches (that I’m very fortunate to be a part of) as I should. (Yes, I struggle with holding myself back too 🥴)

Girl, it’s time to shift your energies. You’ve got to allow people to support you. Let go of the ones who don’t and bring in more of the ones who do.

If you can figure out these, I am sure you will figure out what’s holding you back from success.

Keep shining! 🌟

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