17 quotes to inspire you to be YOURSELF

There are times when we could all use a pick me up. A reason to keep pushing forward. A reason to continue being your own badass self. 😎

Often times the constant reminder staring back at me is the most helpful. And what place do most of us look at WAY too often?

That’s right, our phones📱 and having an inspiring wallpaper that speaks so many things to you is beyond helpful during those times of… “ugh, what am I even doing…?” We’ve all been there and at times it can feel like a never-ending cycle. The best thing to do is to hold your beautiful head high and know that what you are doing is exactly what you should and need to be doing.

It’s your life. Live it the way you want.

I gathered my favorite 17 quotes that inspire me to be my own unique self. And since I’m a huge fan of having these reminders in front of me, I have included them here as phone wallpaper so if you find one (or all 17 😜) that inspires the 💩 out of you, feel free to save the image to your phone.

and remember…keep shining 🌟

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