Wisdom from a 9-year-old

Poof! Just like that, summer is over. ✨ Today marks the last day of the Iowa State Fair.  Ever since I can remember the Iowa State Fair has been one of my favorite things. I don't know what it is but every year I HAVE to go...at least twice!  One to listen to our friends, The Nada's, and the other to just walk around. And I mean aimlessly walk around to see every bit of the fair!  This past Friday was our day to aimlessly wander. It was my 9-year-old niece, my husband, and myself.  Our journey started out great and then, in my head, the worst possible thing could happen. You see, I was very excited to get there "early" and by that, I mean around 6:30p. That would give us plenty of time with no rush to see things before buildings start closing at 9p.  Well, it didn't exactly happen that way. We hit University Ave (the main road to get from Des Moines to the fair) and completely stopped. The roughly 2 miles we needed to go took about 45 minutes and we didn't park close to the fairgrounds.  While we were sitting in this stand-still traffic, I went from "woo we're going to the fair" to "this sucks, we're never going to get there". Because in my head I had our whole night planned and this very long traffic line was ruining it.  That's when my niece chimed in from the backseat mid-game of trying to find all of the Iowa county license plates drive by us (because the left lane was going faster than our lane). "Gig, you can't think of it like that. You just gotta think of something good. This isn't going to ruin our night. It's not something we can control. Help us find the license plates. It's fun!" Should I say "DUH!" or do you want to?! I mean this was a shake-my-head, face-in-the-hands moment. 🤦🏼‍♀️ My niece is one smart cookie so to hear her say this should have been no surprise but I was still "aww-struck" (and a little embarrassed that I got attitude checked by a 9-year-old!) We played the game, made it to the fair with plenty of time, saw everything we wanted, and even got to hear Luke Bryan sing our two favorite songs as we were walking back to the car. 🎶 It was a perfect night and thanks to the thoughts of a 9-year-old, traffic didn't ruin it.

As much as I’d like to say the life lessons from her ended there…I’d be lying! 😬

She and I went to breakfast Saturday morning and during our conversation about what we were doing for the day, I had mentioned I didn’t want to go to work. (I work at a bike shop so that means retail hours 👎🏼).

She quickly asked what time I needed to be at work, what time I got off, and what I was doing after. Without missing a beat…

“Well Gig, that’s only 4 hours. It will probably go really fast for you and then when you get off at 4 you will have plenty of time to do anything.”

Darn you and your positive attitude little one! 😜 I’m totally kidding! I’m grateful she snapped me out of my “but I don’t wanna..” attitude.

Sometimes we need that. These positive habits don’t always come natural so having someone or something there to remind us to look on the bright side of life is a plus!

Keep looking up! ☀️

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