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Hello new friend!

I just want to introduce myself so you can feel comfortable and make sure we connect before diving in.

My name is Angie and I’m a life coach who helps women who lack confidence stop their people-pleasing habits in order to focus on their own self care so they can live a life they are passionate about.

I struggled with my confidence levels for a very long time. I like to think back to when I was younger (say 10-12 age…heck! maybe even before that). I was always the shy one. I’d stand behind and let someone else make the decision or speak FOR me. It carried on but I never really knew. I mean, what 12 year old would know that they are missing some BA self confidence?!

When I was in college it was the same way…at least to start. I was placed with some freaking awesome ladies and I owe so much to them. Freshman year they claimed I was their butterfly who needed to spread her wings. By the time we graduated, I felt like I was a different person. More confident, stand-in-my-own-power kinda girl. Ya know?

Fast forward 8 years and it’s like I had stepped back into pre-college Angie. I “hid” behind everyone else. I did whatever someone wanted whenever they wanted. I felt bogged down by my life and I just wasn’t happy about it. It wasn’t until I quit my full-time office job of 5+ years that everything came into perspective.

I was unhappy and I had no idea what to do next. I did know that everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) needed to change. I began a six month series with a life coach to get myself back on track. During my series with her, our main focus was learning to be a more confident person. I’d say we were pretty freaking successful! 😉

I am now proud of where I am, of my journey here, and am beyond excited for what’s to come. I know that I can have my own thoughts & beliefs, that I don’t have to “fit in”, and focusing on myself is my #1 priority.

I enrolled in Beautiful You Coaching Academy because I wanted to help women in my same situation. The women who lack the confidence to live their own life. The women who focus their time and energy on everyone BUT themselves. The women who feel like they need to hide what excites them because they are worried about what others will think. The women who just want to be happy with what they have and where they are RIGHT NOW!

I’m here to share my journey, what I’ve learned, the tips and tricks, and even some of my roadblocks (we’re all still learning, right?!) that keep me focused on living my life according to ME.

My only hope is that you find something along the way that resonates with you. Use it. Alter it to fit your life. Pass it on.

Shine your brightest! 🌟

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