Peace. Positive. Accomplished.

“When I began my series with Angie, I was a sceptic about Life Coaching. I wasn’t sure if it would work or that I could even allow myself to let someone else in; to allow them to know how I truly feel about myself and things in my life. That belief was quickly squashed and by the end of the first session I knew this was my chance to expose my truths, get to the root of the issues, and be able to open up completely. Before I began working with Angie, I was struggling with a lack of self-confidence, struggling to handle guilt & accomplishing goals, and just an all around negative perspective. I went into our series wanting to create positive energy in my life, grow my confidence, and let go of the guilt. After finishing my series with Angie, I have the self-confidence I once dreamed of, I have let go of the guilt in my life, and I now know I deserve everything I desire. I truly could not be more happy and proud of the hurdles I overcame during this experience. The coaching series helped me grow as an individual, mother, friend, & partner. I have learned to embrace the good and the bad, learned my own worth, & now have the tools to carry with me.”

  • Michelle C, Strong Woman & Empowered Mother



Grounding. Empowering. Freeing.

“When Angie and I connected I was feeling completely overwhelmed by the state of both my external and internal environments.  I was in the middle of a career change and wanted to get my new business off the ground and I knew I couldn’t get past everything on my own.  I needed someone who could help me see from a different perspective & open me up to new possibilities. After our first session together, I knew this is exactly where I needed to be and that Angie was going to be the person that was going to get me unstuck and back in alignment.  I walked away feeling charged and ready to take on my action items. Angie was so calm and her presence was immediately grounding. She listened with her heart and allowed me to speak candidly. She held me accountable to my potential. My partner noticed my bravery in asking for what I wanted. This was a huge hurdle during my series with Angie and with her calm & sincere guidance, she was able to walk me through it & have the tough conversation that needed to happen.  It was so empowering and has definitely trickled into other areas where I used to feel insecure and unable to speak my truth. It was truly wonderful getting to coach with Angie. Her heart is big and she truly wants to see you lean in to what is best for you. Her environment is non-judgemental and she makes you comfortable from the very beginning. If you haven’t already scheduled your consult with her, DO. IT. NOW. You won’t regret it.”

  • Leslie Dawson, Womanhood Life Coach, lesliedawson.net

Enlightening. Encouraging. Liberating.

“I was heading into an overwhelming few months when I reached out to Angie. I was set to direct my first show post college graduation! I was so excited...and incredibly nervous. I shoved my excitement down in order to “come back to reality” and I was nervous this attitude would hinder everything for me in the future. Angie was supportive from the very first session. I had never worked with a coach before so I was nervous going in. I was worried it was going to be more invasive than it really was. Angie was patient as I eased my way into the experience. As soon as it was clear that Angie only wanted to help me help myself, I felt at ease & eager to try utilizing the tools Angie had for me. It soon became clear that my goal areas were very much intertwined and we worked through ways to break down the walls to my biggest roadblock. From there I knew that if I continued to work and focus on this, my other goals would gradually fall into place. With the help of my coaching series with Angie, I now feel a lot LESS guilt for taking time for myself. I know that claiming that time is what makes the biggest difference in my performance & allows me to be there for people who matter to me.”

  • Brittany Beridon, Theatre Artist & Coffee Guru