So you're probably wondering...

"Am I in the right place?!"

I absolutely think you are! But if you need more than that, let me help!

  • You lost the "oomph" in the things you were once excited about.

  • You are constantly putting others' needs in front of your own. (hands up people pleasers!)

  • You hide in the shadows because the "what-ifs" are taking over.

  • You have (& probably continue to) let your past take over the present and guide the future.

  • You feel LESS than fulfilled right now. (total understatement right here, girl!)

  • You have worn out the use of "fine" & "okay". (You know, that 'meh feeling when someone asks how your day was or how YOU are.)

You are ready to step away from what you have been & into a life that is bright, confident, & truly yours! To shine bright in your uniqueness!

Well beautiful, I see you. I feel you. And you are not alone! I've got you.

I've been in ALL of these places (& more!), learned how to step out of the shadows of my life and live as my brightest self. And now, I want to show other women how to shine in their own magnificent, confident, beaming self.

Who is Angie, you ask?

Well, take a seat, girl! Let’s get to know each other!

I’m Angie Armstead, a Women’s Life & Confidence Coach. I help women who lack confidence stop their people-pleasing habits in order to focus on their own self-care so they can be confident in who they are and live a life they are truly excited about.


I help these women take the reins of their decisions & their life to live as their most confident & unique self. Their brightest self, if you will.


I support women, just like you, turn their overwhelmed & mundane life into a life that is confident, inspiring, & gives them that “I can’t stop smiling” life that they have been dreaming of!


How in the world?! I guide you to take control of your fear, of the “what ifs”, and turn them into the match that lights your fire. I support you to find the inspiration and courage to live confidently in your life. To live bright.

(are you picking up that I want you to beam confidence out of your face?!)


When I’m not coaching, I have learned to fill my time with the things & people that make it hard to stop smiling. I love cycling (or really anything active!) & do fully believe that #newbikeday is the best day ever! You can also find me snugglin’ my puppers or at a coffee shop or bookstore/library with coffee in hand. Give me coffee & endless amounts of books and I am one happy gal.

I love the life I have created. But I didn’t always. I was stuck in the mundane life routine for what seemed like FOREVER & I really thought it was just “how it was”. That is until I learned that I could take control…

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion, I told myself that I was a failure for not having a job in that industry. So instead, I settled for less than ideal jobs. Because I wasn’t qualified for anything else. I mean, who hasn’t felt this way?! No matter how many people were telling me that I could do MORE, I (& my internal fight) said nope, not happenin’!

I held jobs that were in no way “corporate” like you would know but they felt that way to me. Hello, micromanage! That just doesn’t work for me. I’m a creative, sensitive, introvert and that setting didn’t help me grow. It pushed me into a shell and that’s where I got stuck.

It wasn’t until I quit my job and found a Life Coach that I really started to feel like the person I was supposed to be. (side note: I’m thankful & extremely lucky that I was in the position to not need something to fall back on. I understand not everyone has that ability & you have to deal with the ‘meh while building that shine but know, it’s absolutely possible!)

Working with a Life Coach takes dedication, openness, & vulnerability. This was new to me but by the end, I was enrolled in the Beautiful You Coaching Academy to become a Life Coach. I had taken back control of the things in my life that I had handed over to others.

I am here to live MY life and I am here to live the brightest I can. Challenge accepted!


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